Why SEO Is Very Important For Your Business


The full meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of making websites or a piece of content rank higher on Google or other search engines. SEO processes are fairly easy to understand and implement in helping to get a business or brand positioned on the first page of Google search.

There are millions of businesses on the Internet, and getting ranked for keyword searches on the first page of Google is a big challenge. Hence, SEO is a major technique that is being used to help businesses establish an online presence and get found quickly.

Let’s paint a scenario here for a start. John, a photographer just opened a modern exquisite photo studio in the city of Lagos, and his sole desire is to start attracting customers and making sales as fast as possible. Aside from walk-in clients that see his signage and enter his studio to take pictures, he wants to be found online as well by people searching for a reputable photo studio on Google or other search engines.

John’s solution to being found on Google by people searching for a good photo studio in Lagos is Search Engine Optimization. John must ensure that when people type in keywords such as ‘photo studio in Lagos, ‘Photographer in Lagos, ‘photo studio near me’ etc, his studio or brand name shows up on Google for customers to click and connect with him.

If you want to have a lot of visitors coming to your website, you need to frequently post quality content that is beneficial to users. ‘Content is King’ is a popular saying in the SEO community because you stand the chance to rank high on search engines if your web content is top-notch.

Google crawls websites with good content frequently and presents your website to users when they are searching for information related to what you have on your site or online platform. It is not enough to add relevant keywords to your web page titles and description only, you must ensure that the body of your write-up fully aligns with your title. This keeps visitors staying on your site for a longer period of time.

To perform SEO operation, you must ensure you follow through with the necessary steps involved, which includes: Site Audit, Keyword Research & Analysis, Page Optimisation, Google Analytics & Search Console Integration, Link Building Etc Listing your website with Google is a great way to ensure you get tons of visits to your website via backlinks.

Google allows brands to list their website via the ‘Google My Business feature. When optimizing your site for search engine visibility, you must avoid the use of Flash and Frames (that is, Multimedia flash and iFrames) due to the inability of Google crawler to crawl any site using multimedia flash and frames.

Search Engine Optimisation is a tedious process that requires experience and technical knowledge. If you don’t have any experience with SEO, you should ask for assistance by seeking the services of a good SEO company. There are a lot of SEO companies in Lagos that can help you achieve your desired goals and objectives.