Why Companies Need Digital Marketing in 2022

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Whether you already have an established business or you are planning to start a business, you surely need a great marketing strategy that will help you attract customers and make your business thrive excellently.

Some companies are still stuck in the old methods of traditional marketing – Newspapers, Radio, TVs, etc, forgetting the fact that the world has gone digital. The fact is that digital marketing has totally overrun traditional marketing. By not advertising online and using digital marketing techniques, a lot of companies don’t realize that they are losing a big chunk of prospective customers or clients who spends hours on digital media platforms on a daily basis.

If only brands realize that the customers they are painstakingly seeking can easily be found online by advertising on these digital platforms, they would grab the opportunity to gain more visibility and make massive sales. For the sake of clarity, let’s quickly define what digital marketing is all about.

Digital Marketing, also called Online Marketing or Internet Marketing refers to the use of the internet and online-based digital technologies such as mobile phones and devices, computers, social media, display advertising, search engines, and other digital platforms and media to promote services and products.

No matter the nature of your business, digital marketing can help you to create a solid online presence and grow your business as well as make more sales. There are numerous advantages to be gained when you invest in digital marketing strategies for your business.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in digital marketing:

1. The Internet is the Future of Business

According to online research, an average person spends more than 7 hours a day surfing the Internet for one reason or the other. People browse the internet to perform various activities like academic research, gaming, social media gossip, political news, and many more.

The internet has become a platform to seek knowledge and information about any product, service, or topical issue, hence the number of internet users increases geometrically and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Internet marketing generates far greater visibility and reach compared to traditional marketing which has obviously become ineffective.

The internet surpasses all other media in terms of reach and ability to give users control over their experience. For instance, a customer can assess a product, give a review, and also check other customers’ reviews about a product. This trend is expected to continue due to its effective and persuasive nature.

2. Targeted Customers With Digital Marketing

It is very easy to advertise your products or services to specific customers based on different factors like age, location, interest, gender, etc. Traditional marketing does not offer this kind of leverage of choosing your target customers, rather it is restricted due to its inability to segment customers or focus on a particular section of the market.

Take for instance adverts on a billboard or newspapers will be seen by everyone – including the interested and uninterested audience of your business. Hence, traditional marketing can not segment its audiences as effectively as digital marketing does.

3. Unlimited Coverage and Reach

Before the advent of the Internet and social media, advertisements can only cover the locality in which it is displayed or shown. For instance, adverts on a billboard will only be seen by people residing around or passing through the location of the billboard, TV commercials will only be seen by people residing in the coverage area of the TV station.

These traditional methods of advertisement (TV, Billboards, Radio, etc) are very limited in coverage or reach because the distance and location of the targeted customers was a great barrier. It was difficult to gain access to customers that are not local or national. This huge challenge of distance and location has now been solved with the availability of the Internet, which has now connected every part of the world together.

With digital marketing, your products or services can be seen worldwide by a simple Google search, and you can easily advertise your brand for the whole world to see at once. This singular breakthrough is the reason digital marketing is the most preferred form of marketing in today’s world. Global Coverage.

4. Ease of Measuring Marketing Results

There are various digital marketing tools that you can use to measure the results of your online promotions and adverts. These simple digital tools use advanced metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and give you accurate numbers of people who interacted with your online Ads or took specific actions to contact you.

They also allow you to view all relevant information about your promotions and also indicate whether you are on the right track or not. With useful information about your business goals at your fingertips, making informed decisions about your marketing objectives becomes a lot easier.

5. Speed of Marketing Coverage

When you advertise or post your products and services on the internet, they will be accessible all over the world almost instantaneously without any form of barriers, hence, the speed offered by digital media is incomparable to any other known media.

Digital Marketing offers the advantage of seeing results of your brand promotions right away since it allows your clients or customers to have instant and direct communication with you.

6. Direct Engagement With Your Customers

Digital marketing allows you to have open communication and engagement with your customers, which further gives room to better understand customers’ needs and expectations.

There are lots of software and online communication features offered by the various platforms for effective discussion between a company and its prospective clients. This could be via direct messaging, live chats, SMS, emails, contact forms, etc. These interactive channels allow companies to gain insights into their targeted customers and also provide better products and services.

Social media platforms also allow stronger relationships to be built with existing and prospective clients. You can know what your clients want via their comments, likes, and dislikes, and can easily profer solutions that meet their expectations. Creating a medium to communicate with your customers online allows you to resolve their problems and answer any questions immediately.

This makes your business more accessible and helps you to retain them. In conclusion, companies that want to establish an online presence usually start by having a website and social media accounts.

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